Valuable Accessories

EarPlugs. Many albergues only offer shared rooms so you may find yourself in a room with 6-40 people in an open space. The photo below is of a very crowded one I stayed in walking the Via De La Plata in Spain.

Snoring is only one of the reasons for using ear plugs. Others include blocking out the noise of people coming in late, getting up during the night as well as the irritating rustle of plastic bags as people pack up, sometimes as early as 5am, to leave and head off for the next place to stay.

A very crowded albergue. As you can imagine ear plugs were vital.

Suggest you find out what is comfortable before you leave. I have tried many types and my current favourites are SleepEase Premium available in the UK. Made from soft silicone, reusable and washable. You may find better ones to suit your own ears. If not try Sleep Ease

Clothes Lines. Why is this important? Well, if you are going to be staying in albergues you will often find hanging space for clothes is at a premium, particularly if you arrive later in the day. So having your own small clothes line, small pegs or safety pins makes life easier. I prefer the stretchable lines with 2 strands and a hook at each end. The strands can be parted to hold some clothes whereas heavier ones will need pegs or safety pins.

Using the expandable clothes line over a heater to dry clothes. It really is an “essential item” when the weather is wet.

I one I have is over 20 years old and still works. Lightweight and also handy for hotel rooms.

Using the expandable clothes line over a heater to dry clothes. It really is an “essential item” when the weather is wet.

Find something that suits you. pocket clothes line

Multi purpose sink plugs. Why bother to write about this you may well ask. The reason is that many hand basins and laundry tubs are without any way of holding the water apart from jamming a sock in when you are washing clothes. Very difficult and easily overcome by having a multi purpose sink plug that is wide enough to cover most drainage outlets. At least have a look at whats out there and their weight. Wide sink plugs

Electrolyte and Magnesium Sports Drink. As we drink more water than usual the natural salts in our blood stream are diluted. In fact many high performance athletes fail due to the shock to their system as the essential salts and trace elements are dilutes and have passed out of the body in urine. This can lead to cramps, loss of alertness, disorientation, vomiting and in extreme cases death. Hot weather is especially dangerous and a number of people walking in high summer heat are hospitalised and some die on the Camino. It is a serious issue. Even when walking in normal temperatures and to keep the body well hydrated more water than normal is recommended. Electrolytes can be added to drinking water to help offset the reduction in minerals and salts. Each day I add half a tablet of the High 5 Zero Sugar Zero Cal to my water. On hot days I add a full tablet. If you run out the pharmacies along the way do stock powders containing electrolytes and salts.

To buy some before you go check with your local outdoor store or CLICK ON the link below the image.


High 5 Sports Drink

GPS Devices. Many backpackers, skiers and outdoor people prefer to have a dedicated GPS device to check where they are and find destinations, altitudes, slopes etc. There are many on the market over a wide price range and checking reviews is highly recommended. If you would like to look further perhaps this link may help Wearable GPS 

Enhanced GPS features upmarket ones 

Keeping money and valuable safe. There are a number of manufacturers who specialise in providing special wallets, money belts and similar goods for travellers.



This is the wallet I have used on 5 Caminos. Has places for passport, money, cards and coins. I use the cord to attached to my trousers so I don’t lose it.
Has protection to stop credit cards being scanned.

Securing passports and money