Socks; such a simple item but very easy to get horribly wrong. Long distance walking socks are special; yes sounds trite but they do more than just cover our feet.

  1. Socks can provide some cushioning and protection against abrasion
  2. Socks can retain the cream or other protective barrier applied each morning
  3. reduce the chances of getting blisters by providing a covering to reduce friction
  4. Two pairs, a thin and thicker pair may be even better if prone to blisters
  5. five toe socks may suit feet prone to blisters between toes
  6. wool socks wick away sweat
  7. synthetic socks do not retain moisture

However the worst socks are those made of cotton as they retain sweat and can promote blisters and fungus etc.

Faced with rows of socks in a specialist store?

what to buy?

A number of very good socks are on the market with most suppliers having an extensive range for summer, winter, low cut, and longer ankle lengths.

Check out full range of Icebreaker socks  Some great socks including left and right feet ones.

full range of injinji socks  check out the Five Toe Performance Liners that can be worn under other socks or others that can be worn on their own.

full range of Bridgedale socks They also offer some high-tech yarns; some have a 3 year warranty.

full range of Karrimor socks including a range of hiking and trekking socks.

full range of Smartwool socks One of the older manufacturers and well regarded . I also wear the “ultra light” they claim provides a “blister free fit”. Can be worn over the injinji five toe socks or on their own under the right conditions.

There are many other makes. I am only mentioning the ones either my wife or I use and are happy with.

You can read more about socks in ” Backpacks, Boots & (no) Blisters”