Sleeping Bags

Seasons will have a play to part in what type of sleeping bag or other bedding will be required together with where you plan to sleep.

  1. Sleeping bags are a standard item although what you can buy is far from standard.
  2. There are alternatives in the way of light travel/thermal  blankets designed to be used on their own or over a sleeping bag liner or sleeping sheet.
  3. You will only need a sleeping bag if you are planning to stay in public or private albergues, and some convents and monasteries.
  4. The alternative is to stay in private albergues who advertise that bedding is provided, private family hotels or pensions or regular hotels. Quite often hotels have an albergue attached and offer dining facilities.
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Lets look at sleeping bags. They are usually sold on the basis of their warmth. So if you expect really cold weather then one capable of handling sub zero temperatures may be needed. However, if you are sleeping indoors, particularly in a room with a lot of other warm bodies then it is highly unlikely the temperatures will be sub zero. So “all season” sleeping bags are not likely to be needed. If it really gets cold then the sleeping bag liner inside the bag will offer a lot more protection.

Caution. Many sleeping bags will weigh 3- 4 lb which is 1.4- 1.8 kg. This is just too heavy. I highly recommend you look for a lightweight one preferably with a hood. Mine is made of down and weighs 870 g or 1 lb 15 oz.

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ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag - Portable, Waterproof, Compact Lightweight, Comfort With Compression Sack - Great For Outdoor Camping, Backpacking & Hiking-83 L x 30" W Fits for kids and Adults
4 lb and mummy shape. Worth a look.

Once on a Camino in Portugal I didn’t take a sleeping bag as it was a generally a warmish time of year. In one town it was really cold and the albergue didn’t offer any blankets so we just put all our clothes on and slept inside the sleeping bag liner.

It is important you do your own research bearing in mind the information above and matching that with likely seasonal conditions.




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