Skechers Footwear


You may well ask what a company like Sketchers is doing being associated with tough and well made footwear worn by people on the Camino. A very reasonable question and I have a good reason to put them on my web site. Namely some styles are VERY LIGHT.

At the end of the days walking I really need to give my feet a rest and to also let my walking footwear breath and if wet and muddy dry out before starting again next day.

I have looked at and worn various types of “apres walk” footwear for wearing after a shower and around the village for shopping for next days snacks or lunch.  Often also going out for an evening meal. Perhaps  the “special pilgrims menu” which has lots of choices, lots of carbs if needed and some liquid refreshments for around 12-14 euros. Not “haute cuisine” but in the company of fellow walkers can be a lot of fun.

Skechers EZ Flex 3.0 Be You Womens Slip On Skimmer Sneakers Natural 10
      Some are as light as 4 oz

Some people will wear light weight Crocs, flip flops and variations on this theme.

It is up to you to find out what suits you keeping in mind it will be on your back when not on your feet!

Light weight footwear