Shirts and Blouses

Why lightweight?? In warm to hot weather it is vital to stay cool with the option to cover arms and neck.  People on the Camino have experienced sun stroke as well as bad sunburns requiring medical treatment. The time and effort spent on choosing and buying lightweight quick drying shirts and blouses will be the rewarded many times over.

What to look for? Obviously a matter of choice however I narrow the vast range down to a few essential criteria.

  • is it quick drying
  • does the fabric contain a UV sun protection
  • if long sleeve, can the sleeves be rolled up
  • is the collar high enough to protect the neck
  • are there vents in the fabric to allow heat to escape.

Other nice to have features are front pockets and perhaps a mosquito repellant capacity.

Light colours are the best in really hot weather, far more important that any fashion features. I like the Columbia range. All outdoor stores sock an extensive range however just be careful to stick to the above criteria as many you will see for sale are for the gym or casual wear. Do not even look at the cotton shirts as they are heavier, not quick drying. Cotton retains sweat and can promote nasty rashes.

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quick drying shirts and blouses