Salomon Hiking Shoes and Boots.

Salomon Footwear.

History. The company was founded in France in 1947 by Georges Salomon. The family’s metalworking shop produced saw blades. They soon adapted their equipment to make steel edges for skis and progressed to cable bindings  on skiing equipment building on their skill in making the steel edges and later skates.

Where is all started in 1947

The company also developed ski boots and footwear including very popular and light weight hiking shoes and boots with a wide selection of styles and features. Some styles include waterproofing others do not. It is a matter of personal preference.

Salomon are usually very comfortable and support the arch well. However if your feet are a bit different they may not suit. Important to try them on in store and walk around preferably wearing a loaded backpack.

Salomon shoes or similar styles may be the best choice for many as they are less expensive and have the advantage of being light weight. I wore a pair of low cut Salomon hiking shoes on my first Camino in 2013.

What to look for? 

If you are planning a long distance walk then start by looking at low cut and higher cut styles of hiking shoes. Then look at hiking boots some of which have quite high sides. Boots offer some ankle protection and help to keep out small stones, mud and water (providing its not too deep)!

Don’t forget to choose a size that allows your feet to swell; for me that means I can fit my finger down the heel when my toes are tapped to the front of the shoe or boot.

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