Boots Made For Walking

Choosing your footwear is a serious starting point. Boots with ankle support are my preferred footwear although I didn’t start that way.

There are many variables to consider: size, weight, low cut or full ankle support, sole thickness, shape, material, waterproof, lacing, and what to wear at the end of the day.

All reputable outdoor shops will measure your feet in-store as a guide to the sizes to try on and, if you are lucky, stock the brands that are more likely to fit your foot shape.

Caution: Unlike ordinary shoes, which we choose to fit our feet, in my experience boots need to be half or a full size larger for some important reasons as your feet will swell as the day progresses with the amount largely determined by the weather; more in hot weather and less in cold weather.

Another important reason is the avoidance of blisters which can be crippling and if infected may require surgery and in extreme cases amputation of toes.

Backpacks, Boots & Blisters covers numerous important issues which go beyond choosing the right footwear such as the choice of socks, fabrics;  how you lace your boots to take into account steep and rocky surfaces and daily preparing your feet.



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