Meindl boots and hiking footwear

Meindl Boots and hiking footwear. Started in 1683.

History.  Their factory is still in Germany and still located in Kirchanschoring, Bavaria, where they have been for over 300 years.meindl4

One of the great things about the production process at Meindl is that each boot has over 200 checks before it gets shipped to the stores. They say they really do take every care and consideration to ensure they produce the best quality boots possible. Also they have kept things traditional as each boot is hand made by a shoemaker, the only machinery that is used is a leather cutter, sewing machine and the Gore-Tex assurance testing equipment.

In recent years, due to costs, many brands have moved to China, Romania, Thailand and other Far East countries. But not Meindl,

Their full leather boots like my Bhutan ones are also good for carrying a heavy backpack over rough terrain. Their light hiking and light trekking footwear is seen on the Camino worn by walkers who do not want to wear boots and are aware of Meindl’s reputation for comfort and quality. If you can find a stockist with a good range then try on both boots and hiking styles.

Once again it is a matter of finding the foot shape that suits your feet.

I have met people wearing Meindl footwear they have had for years which speaks volumes for the quality of the materials and the construction. A big attraction is some of their footwear also can be resoled so can be worn for years which helps to offset the higher initial purchase price.

My Bhutan full leather ones are like putting on a really comfortable set of gloves on my feet. They are well padded and fantastic in muddy and snowy conditions. They keep my feet both dry and warm when lighter footwear is not as effective.

Meindl footwear for women

Meindl footwear for men

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