Lowa Boots

At an albergue in Spain. Nearly half the boots that day were Lowa.

Lowa are a very popular choice in Europe where they have been established for years. My wife and I both wore Lowa Renegade boots when we did the 750 km walk in France from Le Puy to St Jean pied de Port in 2014.

I was really surprised to see so many French and German people wearing the same boots. They are one of the handful of manufacturers whose boots are  100% made in Europe.

I have since worn them on two other Caminos and had the heels replaced. Unfortunately they cannot be re-soled.

In one albergue where I stayed in a 2018 Camino on the Via De La Plata I noticed that Lowa boots were being worn by nearly half the people.

They have an extensive range of footwear for men and women so are certainly one to short list if they suit your foot shape.

Buy the mens Renegade GTX….

Full range of Lowa Boots


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