Leki Walking and Trekking Poles

About the Company:LEKI’s products are developed and designed together in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany and Tachov, Czech Republic. Poles are manufactured following modern and environmentally friendly processes in LEKI’s own production facility in the Czech Republic

 LEKI seeks to offer the ultimate, highest-performing products with passion and a highly qualified, long-term, and experienced workforce. We operate under one strategic mandate: To combine safety and comfort with attractive design. “The permanent exchange with experts and professional athletes ensures a high experience value” In turn, this results in smart, well-designed products, which customers can consistently enjoy and rely upon for years. With over 250 patents, LEKI has introduced more innovations and filed more patents than any other manufacturer in the outdoors and ski industry

The style with Corklite handles
LEKI Legacy Trekking Poles One Color One Size
Legacy style with speedlock


My experiences. The above wording is from the Leki corporate web site and their claims are well supported by thousands of outdoor sports men and women. My first Leki poles were purchased over 20 years ago and still in good working order. Spare parts are available virtually anywhere, particularly the rubber tips which I seem to wear out after around 900 km of which only half would have been with the tips on when walking on  hard surfaces.  The rubber stops the pole slipping under pressure or on wet surfaces.

On gravel and soft surfaces I take the rubber tips off and use the metal points to bite into the surface.

Please note Leki have styles for both men and women as well as different hand grips. My wife really likes the CorkLite grip.  Follow the link in redLeki 

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