Introduction To “Camino Ready. Backpacks, Boots & (no) Blisters”

Are you curious about the Camino? What is it; what secrets does it hold; where does it start and finish, what to take, where to sleep, how difficult is it to walk, and what preparation and equipment are needed to succeed?

West of Pamplona at an iconic site

I have done the research, walked the walk, and can help you successfully prepare for the Camino Frances and similar long-distance ancient pilgrims’ pathways. I am passionate about helping people prepare.

From the dozens of things to know I have chosen nine key topic areas based on my own experience.

My first Camino was in 2013 at the age of 69. I walked from St Jean Pied du Port to Santiago de Compostela, about 800 km (490 miles). Now, having completed five Caminos and nearly 3000 km, I have amassed a great deal of knowledge including  “what to do” and “what not to do”.

I have also volunteered on a number of occasions in the main information centre in St Jean de Port, which is on the French side of the Pyrenees and one of the main starting places for people walking the Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela in western Spain.

In fog crossing the Pyrenees

I have encountered many people, blinded by enthusiasm, who were poorly prepared and likely to fail in the first few days as they were fooled into thinking it was going to be easy just because many people have done it.

Long-distance walking is not like any other type of walking; it can be thought of as undertaking many back-to-back, half or full marathons, except at a walking pace that continues for days, weeks, and in some cases months (at the end of which you don’t want to stop).

This is nothing to be afraid of but it is essential to prepare so that when the time comes you are physically fit, with no injuries, and have a positive mental attitude knowing you are well prepared with the right clothes, backpack, and know-how. Completing your Camino will give you  a wonderful sense of achievement

The first edition received 4.5 stars in the reviews and I think the second edition is even better. It contains new information and a whole new chapter on “walking as a system”.

The second edition was published in September 2018

The information in “Camino Ready. Backpacks, Boots and (no) Blisters” will get you well prepared so you can not only be physically fit but also mentally ready for an amazing journey. It will be a journey where you will likely experience exhilaration, exhaustion, self-doubt, joy, fear, tears, pain, and a great sense of achievement (maybe all on the same day!) together with companionship and new friendships.

“Camino Ready.Backpacks, Boots and (n0) Blisters will cost less you than a packet of blister plasters and box of painkillers.

Training on steep stony paths to condition legs and feet.

You will also receive two bonus articles from fellow pilgrims covering a woman’s perspective on staying in albergues and how to avoid bed bugs and what to do if bitten and how to ensure you don’t take them home with you.

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    1. Thank you for the positive comments. Its a labor of love of the Camino that encourages me to put the time into having the web site
      Buen Camino

  6. I really appreciate the positive commentsIts a labor of love of the Camino that encourages me to put the time into having this web site

    Buen Camino


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