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Cold weather (base) layering. Icebreaker tees and tops are really wonderful to take along on treks as they can be layered when the weather is cold, worn singly in warm weather and amazingly don’t smell after a few days. Seems impossible to believe but its true. They are quick drying as well. I also have a hoodie which is very warm and great for recreation wear in cold weather as well as mens leggings, great in cold weather. They wick away moisture to avoid crutch rot!

Icebreaker womens tees and tops

Icebreaker mens tees and tops

Other brands- base layering

Shirts and blouses with sun protection.

A number of manufacturers make quick drying shirts and blouses with sun protection. Some include a mosquito repellant feature as well. Products are designed for outdoor use and usually well ventilated and come with a range of features including roll up or detachable sleeves in both men’s and women’s styles. My wife likes the ones with the SPF factor to reduce the chance of sunburn.

Columbia is a very well established brand I look for when buying. There are many others as well; just do not buy cotton as they are not quick drying and don’t wick away moisture.

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Buffs.They are more than a fashion statement and can keep sun off the neck, be pulled up to protect mouth and nose from sun, dust, wind and cover the ears from biting winds. My wife also uses her to keep hair out of her eyes.

TIP. Look for quick drying buffs

Hats. A must (not caps). 4-6 weeks walking for 6-8 hours during the day will expose us all to the elements. It may be sunny, rainy, windy or very cold. Headwear is vital to avoid sunstroke, sunburn, windburn and whatever else happens.

I like a warm beanie to wear under the hood of my shell when it is cold and at other times a wide brimmed hat ideally one that folds easily to go into a side pocket.

Hats for the outdoors