Blister & Medical

Blisters If you have made no allowance for swelling of your feet, then friction will occur and blisters rapidly follow and you may also lose toe nails. If your boots are too big or too small, internal friction will also cause blisters, so there is much to consider.

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There are wide differences of opinion on how to treat a blister. I come down on the side of not opening the skin. Try not to lance a blister, which has been filled by your own body with your own healing fluid to protect the area.

If you have serious issues with blisters the pharmacies and medical centres along the Camino have a great deal of experience in treating them and any associated infections. If ignored the infection can be very debilitating and in the worst case scenarios amputation of toes is required. So be very careful if you are unfortunate enough to have blisters.

Prevention is the best approach so I put a lot of effort into discussing this in Chapter 4 in “Camino Ready. Backpacks, Boots & (no) Blisters”.

Check Compeed and other feet products >>>  Compeed Blister plasters

Others to consider include….HikeGoo 

Ordinary vaseline will also provide protection from friction and softness from moisture. Available at most pharmacies in Spain so don’t worry if you run out of whatever cream you started with. I was surprised when recently using it that it didn’t gum up my socks.