About Us

Mark O’Sullivan walked 5 Camino routes between 2013 and 2018. He has also been a volunteer in the main pilgrims’ information centre in France from where many pilgrims commence their Camino, heading up and across the Pyrenees and into Spain.

This website exists to help people planning to embark on a challenging yet immensely rewarding one namely following ancient pilgrims routes that end in Santiago in western Spain. Depending on where you start from it can be 1800-2000 km or if from St Jean Pied de Port about 800 km.

Mark in consultation with other walkers wrote  “Backpacks, Boots & Blisters” published in 2017 to help people prepare for their journey with a focus on getting fit, having the correct footwear, backpacks, essential clothing and lots more so they don’t have to stop after a few days or weeks through injury or ill health.

The first edition received excellent reviews. A second edition with a revised title, updates and a new chapter on “walking as a system” was released in 2018. The book cover is shown below.


There is a lot to learn and spending time preparing will make all the difference. I have a passion for helping people plan and avoid many of the pitfalls facing unprepared individuals.

So many fail due to blisters, carrying too much, exhaustion and dehydration which is disheartening when so much information is available on how to train and prepare. My book available as an e-book or in print is focused on the preparation stage as there are many books on the actual routes but they are not of much use if you can’t walk.

So buy the book for less than the cost of a packet of blister patches and a box of painkillers.